About Audra

Soulful, powerful, and expressive, Audra Santa invites you into a place where the missing parts of the self are found in the shadows. Her music draws on elements of trip-hop, dark-pop, and soul, with videos and imagery that create a world beyond the music.

Audra spent ten years in Australia from 2006-2016, playing in various musical projects, including progressive rock band, The Wandering, and Indie-folk duo, Amon and Audra. Embarking on her solo career, Audra recorded at the legendary Sing Sing studios in Melbourne over Easter 2016. Coincidentally, this was the same week that marked the beginning of the end of her marriage, resulting in Audra putting the project on hold.  She returned to Canada to reconnect with her heart and her homeland.

“Cruel”, Audra’s second single, was released on Feb 2, 2018, nearly two years after the recording session at Sing Sing. Cruel draws on influences of Portishead and Pink Floyd, co-written with producer Tristan Hoogland, whose ambient production and shimmering guitars create the space for Audra’s smoky and sparse vocals.

The video for Cruel, shot at the mysterious Darling Mansion in Toronto, creates an other-worldly visual feast, heightening the sense that the song was written during what felt like a pain-induced drug trip. It draws on themes of darkness and light, duality of persona, and finding one’s true self in embracing the darkness. Audra has walked through the flames, and is finally ready to release the fire in her belly as a slow, sensual burn.