A powerful artist on the rise, Audra Santa is emerging after a decade in Australia and cutting her teeth in the darkness of her boudoir. Audra’s genre-bending style has been dubbed “Noir Soul” by Cashbox magazine, combining elements of trip-hop, dark-pop, art-rock with rich, ambient textures.

In 2018, Audra was already making an international impression in her first year, receiving a double encore at MIDEM in Cannes, France, performing in Australia, and making her Canadian debut at Adelaide Hall. Audra's self-directed video, “Afterglow" garnered attention from national and international media after it was banned from facebook boosting due to the provocative nature of Audra’s “amorously macabre masterpiece”.

Audra will be performing at Live at Heart Sweden in both Örebro and Västerås this September, with other possible tour dates across Sweden, after a second year of showcasing at MIDEM in June. Europe will certainly be seeing more of Audra in the near future.

Audra displays versatility in her sound, with undeniable threads of soul and sensuality throughout. The dark and brooding tone of “Afterglow” is reminiscent of 90’s alternative rock, while “Cruel”, showcases a cross between Portishead and shimmering guitars of Pink Floyd. Audra's upcoming EP, The Boudoir Project, is a collection of sexy, downtempo electronica which she plans to release in Fall 2019.

Sensual and expressive, Audra’s voice shapeshifts from delicate whispers that draw you close to powerful belts that bring you to your knees. Her bad-girl gospel will have you ready to join the choir by the time she’s through with you.

. . . .

"A powerhouse singer-songwriter taking control and making her mark.” - Tinnitist

“Extreme focus, professionalism and the desire to express her internal world” - 2nd Floor Sound Studio

"Rich alto vocals and plush, ambient guitars...a strong songwriter" - Canadian Beats

"This emerging singer/songwriter deals from a smoldering, down-tempo deck that invokes restless dreamers, shattered loves and phoenixes aborning on the horizon. Call it Noir Soul for want of better and check out the videos for ‘Cruel’ and the Facebook banned ‘Afterglow’ to catch the vibe. Some reference points are Radiohead, Kate Bush, Mogawi and Begonia." - Cashbox Magazine

"With just two singles out she is already a buzzed about entity with a growing social media presence and a persona as big as her smile." - Cashbox Magazine

"Audra is a fantastic conversationalist with a strong female voice:" - Brent Jensen, No Sleep Til Sudbury

"Between her soft, smoky vocals and her genre-bending musical style Audra is beginning to cement her place in our music community" - Addicted Magazine