About Audra

Soulful, powerful, and expressive, Audra Santa invites you into a world where the missing parts of the self are found in the shadows. Her music draws on elements of trip-hop, dark-pop, and soul, with visuals and performances that create a world beyond the music.

Audra spent ten years in Australia from 2006-2016, performing and recording in various musical projects including progressive rock band, The Wandering, and Indie-folk duo, Amon and Audra. Embarking on her solo career, Audra recorded at the legendary Sing Sing studios in Melbourne over Easter 2016 - the same week that marked the beginning of the end of her marriage, resulting in Audra putting the project on hold and returning to Canada to reconnect with her homeland.

“Cruel”, Audra’s second single, was triumphantly released to a packed room at The Darling Mansion, finally unleashing one of the songs from that recording session at Sing Sing and putting her first mark on the Canadian music scene. Cruel draws on influences of Portishead and Pink Floyd, co-written with producer Tristan Hoogland, whose ambient production and shimmering guitars create the space for Audra’s smoky and sparse vocals. The video for Cruel draws on themes of darkness and light, creating an other-worldly visual feast, heightening the sense that the song was written during what felt like a pain-induced drug trip.

Although she has lived in Toronto only one year, Audra has had the pleasure of regularly performing with The Collective and Sean Jones, which has also seen her on stage with special guests such as Jully Black, Melanie Durrant, Alana Bridgewater, Wade O’Brown, Chris Rouse, Phatt AL, Aion Clarke, and Cleopatra Williams.  During this time, she has been recording with producer Thomas MacKay (Joydrop, SATE, Michaela May), as well as exploring creative collaborations with Australian producer Nick O’Donnell (Tim Rogers, [26]), Abelton wiz DJ Shine (Frank Ocean, Nelly Furtado), and up-and-coming UK producer, Will Schollar.

Audra just returned from successful Canadian showcases at MIDEM in Cannes, France and is ready to step up her musical presence on the Canadian and international stage. Her next single “Afterglow”, scheduled for release in October with an enticing video directed by Audra herself, telling a tale of the marks lovers leave on each other after they’re gone. Audra has walked through the flames and is ready to release the fire in her belly as a slow, sensual burn.

Performance Highlights:

  • MIDEM Canadian Showcases - Morrisons Pub, Cannes, France - June 6 & 7, 2018

  • Cruel video Launch Party - The Darling Mansion, Toronto - Jan 28, 2018 - Launched “Cruel” to a packed room at The Darling Mansion where the video was shot.  

  • Vocalist with “The Collective” - Toronto - Nov 2016 to present. 
    - performances have included singing with Sean Jones, Jully Black, Melanie Durrant, Wade O’Brown, Chris Rouse, Phatt AL, Aion Clarke, Cleopatra Williams and more.

  • “Chapter One” EP Launch - The Milk Factory, Brisbane, Australia - June 2015
    Release of solo debut EP under previous name “Audra McHugh”

  • “The Darkness: a tale of grief and loss” - The Brisbane Fringe Festival - August 29, 2014 - Amon and Audra performance of 12 original songs that follow the 12 Stages of Grief, performed in a theatre with interactive live visual projections.

  • “Live on a Rooftop” - Brisbane, Australia - Dec 8 & 16, 2013
    Two sold out shows on a rooftop in Brisbane, featuring an interactive set followed by the launch of Amon and Audra’s first EP “Home”.  These performances were recorded and released as the album, “Live on a Rooftop”

  • The Wandering “Halfway to Vegas” release - The Zoo, Brisbane Australia - June 2012


Cruel (single) - Audra Santa - Feb 2018
Keep Asking (single) - Audra Santa - Apr 2017
Chapter One (EP) - Audra McHugh - June 2015
Live on a Rooftop (album) - Amon and Audra - May 2014
Home (EP) - Amon and Audra - Sept 2013
Halfway to Vegas (EP) - The Wandering - August 2012


Afterglow (single) - scheduled for release October 2018

Afterglow (EP) - scheduled for release February 2019

Redwood (album) - scheduled for release November 2019