June 5, 2018

Audra Santa Showcasing at Midem 2018

Canadian born, Australian shaped, tempered in the crucible of Toronto's vibrant club scene and international in flavour, Audra Santa is that something different oft associated with MIDEM's global reach. The sultry singer is up for carving out her live performer niche in that blinged-out environment.  Audra makes feature appearances at MIDEM 2018, as part of the More Music Artist Showcase presented by ProSound Media International Wednesday and Thursday nights (June 6th and 7th). The annual Canadian Showcase is held at Morrisons Irish Pub and is always a hot ticket for international buyers and agents. 

She'll arrive armed with a sound that mines downtempo r'n'b,  slowburn souljam and elements of triphop , Goth rock and doom soul. Vocal comparisons range from Estero and Alanis to Alice Glass and Lorde but those are just suggestions. When Audra sings, there's a minefield of pain fuelling the power and it can be downright palpable to an audience. 

Addressing current single and video "Cruel," Audra offers,, "I felt for a long time like I had two artistic personas – a light one that didn’t feel like “me” but was well received, and a dark one that I had convinced myself needed to be repressed. I tried making music I thought other people would like, but was denying my own expression. My true creative expression has always been on the intense and dark side. I realized I don’t have to be one or the other and that my intensity is nothing to be afraid of, that by not being afraid of the dark my light can shine brighter. The Cruel video is the first time I’ve fully expressed myself creatively, without holding back or worrying what other people think. It was the most freeing experience I’ve ever had. It was the first song I felt really connected to, really proud of.

" I am a complex being with many facets. I don't need to choose. I am light and dark and everything in between".  

She'll take you down uncertain roads with no guarantee of s light at the end and when you get there, you'll revel in having made the trip in her company. Hers is a sensibility which makes her spirited, spiritual sister to female icons like Nina, Etta and Sarah, women who made a success at doing it their way while creating memorable music. 

Audra Santa is still emerging, still exploratory of sound and musical vision. So strong she's good with laying out her vulnerabilities in public, in song. In time, que sera, sera but right now, what a time to be her, what a time to see her!